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Mir Hasan Mir New

Album Information

Noha Khan Name Mir Hasan Mir /میر حسن میر
Released Year 2010
Total Track:- 09
Location:- Pakistan
Added Date:- Thursday, 17th December 2009
Effort:- Ashhar Mehdi ,
Total Downloads:- 3727 Times
Total Played:- 1114 Times
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Bit Rate:- 96Kbps

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01: Hussain a.s Chup Hay | حسین چپ ہے
Downloads:- 677 Times | Played:- 309 Times Listen Online Download

02: Allah Ye Kaisa Manzar Hay | اللہ یہ کیسامنظر ہے
Downloads:- 470 Times | Played:- 152 Times Listen Online Download

03: Aye Aun O Muhammad | اے عون و محمد
Downloads:- 386 Times | Played:- 103 Times Listen Online Download

04: Sakina a.s Ko Kyon Chor Kar Ja Rahay Hain | سکینہ کو کیوں چھوڑ کر جا رہے ہیں
Downloads:- 401 Times | Played:- 117 Times Listen Online Download

05: Bohat Dair Lage | بہت دیرلگی
Downloads:- 365 Times | Played:- 75 Times Listen Online Download

06: Aarman Muk Gaye | ارمان مک گئے
Downloads:- 361 Times | Played:- 84 Times Listen Online Download

07: Sham Walo Na Satawoo | شام والوں نہ ستاﺅ
Downloads:- 365 Times | Played:- 100 Times Listen Online Download

08: Hik Wari Sir | اک واری سر میکو ں بابے دا سجاد بھرا ملوا اے
Downloads:- 346 Times | Played:- 88 Times Listen Online Download

09: Pehlu Bhi Shikasta Hay | پہلو بھی شکستہ ہے تُربت بھی شکستہ ہے
Downloads:- 356 Times | Played:- 86 Times Listen Online Download


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