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Chakwal Party New

Album Information

Noha Khan Name Chakwal Party /چکوال پارٹی
Released Year 2010
Total Track:- 08
Location:- Chakwal - Pakistan
Added Date:- Sunday, 20th December 2009
Effort:- Shia Multimedia
Total Downloads:- 6843 Times
Total Played:- 2787 Times
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Bit Rate:- 56Kbps

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01: Hai Lazawal Dehar Main Teri Wafa | ہے لازوال دہر میں تیری وفا غازی
Downloads:- 1293 Times | Played:- 764 Times Listen Online Download

02: Rab Khair Kare | رب خیر کرئیں
Downloads:- 958 Times | Played:- 480 Times Listen Online Download

03: Pak Zainab (S.A) Hai Aseera | پاک زینب ہے اسیرا
Downloads:- 826 Times | Played:- 298 Times Listen Online Download

04: Sajjad (A.S) Disaan Inj Qaidiyan Te | سجاد دساں انج قیدئیاں تے
Downloads:- 858 Times | Played:- 314 Times Listen Online Download

05: Beemar De Dardaan Di | بیما ر دے درداں دی
Downloads:- 743 Times | Played:- 229 Times Listen Online Download

06: Mazloom e Karbala Ki Kahani | مظلومِ کربلا کی کہانی
Downloads:- 745 Times | Played:- 264 Times Listen Online Download

07: Kul Parda Daraan Te | کل پردہ دار تے
Downloads:- 720 Times | Played:- 220 Times Listen Online Download

08: Medi Binaai Ho Khatam Gai | مہندی بنائی ہو
Downloads:- 700 Times | Played:- 218 Times Listen Online Download


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