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Farhan Ali(Ali Waris) New

Album Information

Noha Khan Name Farhan Ali(Ali Waris) /فرحان علی
Released Year 2010
Total Track:- 08
Location:- Karachi - Pakistan
Added Date:- Wednesday, 16th December 2009
Effort:- Courtesy by
Total Downloads:- 855 Times
Total Played:- 275 Times
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Bit Rate:- 48Kbps

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01: Akbar (a.s) Lasha | اکبر کا لاشہ
Downloads:- 156 Times | Played:- 67 Times Listen Online Download


Alma Walay | علماں والے

Downloads:- 119 Times | Played:- 37 Times Listen Online Download


Bahoot Roo chuki hay Sakina (s.a) | بہت رو چکی ہے سکینہ

Downloads:- 102 Times | Played:- 24 Times Listen Online Download


Kheti thi Maah | کہتی ہے ماں

Downloads:- 92 Times | Played:- 20 Times Listen Online Download

05: Roo Akhey Mehari |رو آکھے مہاری
Downloads:- 88 Times | Played:- 19 Times Listen Online Download

06: Sughra (s.a) Sughra (s.a) | صغری صغری
Downloads:- 85 Times | Played:- 24 Times Listen Online Download

07: Ya Ali (a.s) App ki Sarkar | یا علی آپ کی سرکار
Downloads:- 120 Times | Played:- 51 Times Listen Online Download

08: Ya SarAllah Ya SarAllah | یا سئر اللہ
Downloads:- 93 Times | Played:- 33 Times Listen Online Download


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